El Morya - Invocation of The New Order

Our purpose on Earth is to help all beings evolve within the karmic system of equality. There is no career and elitism within our spiritual service, this is a reticent illusion created on your planet. The service of protection comes only through unconditional love and volunteering. Although there is meritocracy in divine work based on dedication and love, without the seeking of validation or credentials.

We seek with lucidity our love and dedication towards all beings of light that reside on Earth. In this galaxy, we are all one. No one is better than anyone and no one will try to be more than anyone else.

You will notice eventually that the house of God is in every act of love, inside or outside the church. And we must bless those who promote love, without judgment. Our sacred houses still promote faith in God, and for that they deserve love and care, and connection with the Sun.

The honest religion is the one that exist without pretentiousness, but as another support and connection with God, our creator and love unity. Therefore when we focus inside the act of love within all religions, we will help emancipate all our sacred houses towards ascension, without punishing or rejecting other beings for being different or for following other religions.

God’s religion is a gift within the reason of love present in all beings that exist in this world and all worlds. God is equality and seeks faith in its children towards itself; therefore, do not forget where you come from. You will always be happy within the reason of love, because you are co-creators of all there is, aligned with christ consciousness.

One day you will see that the planetary ascension happens within the union of all religions in favor of love and equality. And you will see that you are returning to God, returning home.

To celebrate God is to celebrate your existence.

We are all ONE in one cosmic effect. We are all strong when connected to one another.

With love,

El Morya | Isa

LUMIAR | The New Order of the Sun

Transmitted on October 28th, 2018