Start Playing. Start Living.

Duality happens when we lose ourselves to the darkness within.

As this darkness expands, we magnify it through all the negative connotations which makes us lose our inner equilibrium, and in turn blind us to see and speak through a place of love and truth.

We are mirrors to each other and everything around us. And when we miss understanding this, we miss out understanding our existence.

Without acknowledging that we are the One Cosmic creative power and alliance of ultimate healing and pursuit of freedom and happiness. And that we have access to the Creator’s power and wisdom to help us overcome all despair and suffering.

We lose Oneness when we believe in despair, become despair and live in despair.

Understand that the mirror works as a guide. And that if you seek God within you, and ultimately Love and respect, raising your vibration to a higher hierarchy of light, you will attract more love alliance, less pain and suffering, and no longer living a conditioned frustrating lifestyle.

Living corrupted by future expectations subjects us to miss out the moment, and the enjoyment of life. Start Playing. Start living within truth.

And through connecting with the higher source, you will understand the meaning of this by experience. Allowing yourself to fulfill what you were created for.

Living Oneness. Living free.


The New Order of the Sun