The Journey Within

To understand who we are, is to understand our journey and why we are here.

And be able to access and see through the lens of love, in the expression and resonance of the Absolute within our spirit.

When we are disconnected, we lose our journey. Becoming captives of the material world and its regiment, within karmic causes and consequences.

Led by the individual and collective conditioning and its imposed limitations in which close our hearts to see and correspond to the absolute love that we are. And sadly propagating more resonance as rejection to us, and others around us, for many generations of proliferated negativity in its manifestation, contaminating its creation.

This is the cause of the rejection of oneness in its existing expression.

And the lacking of love consciousness within the spirit. And as a consequence this human destructive notion has been the caused of so many wars within others and ourselves around us, as well as destructive to our nature, our planet.

We will be free to understand that we exist beyond our thought projection.

And negative connotations of our own personalities. These are temporary and illusory.

Let’s create a positive story for our world and ourselves.A new formula of manifestation, within the symphony resonating within Love Consciousness. Based on the Absolute testimony of love And not fearThink love and abundance, and create that version of you. So you will attract a new order of understanding, of your own true and blue self.

You as All, and all in One.


The New Order of the Sun