Ostentation is Sadness in the World

Many of us still seek validation, a superficial recognition from others.

And live blindly in this artificial arrest, through a compulsive prison to acquire things so we can become an allegory of a person.

A belief that his or her own story is to show a “wealthier”, a “higher” standard of living. Sometimes to the point of despising others for not having, or not wanting the same things. Recklessly comparing ourselves to others who are not able to live with the same standard.

Beloved ones, don’t you see that those who cannot achieve or be like this can suffer from this attitude?

Misjudging a person by what they have or their status is actually misjudging the universe and living in the dark.

And in turn the wholeness of the planet suffers. This has been the cause and history of war throughout the world. As well as the war within us, creating a false sense of lacking and more desolation. Spreading unhappiness outside of us.

By exhibiting riches and comparing amongst the face of the ones of perceived lesser fortune is to reject them, to process them as inferiors, and causing more hurt to them. Do they deserve such attitude? Do they deserve to feel sadness?

The inferior being is truly the one who seeks to hurt others, and in turn, as they are not aware, they lose their their own light.

And continue living arrested in this unceasing mortal necessity to hurt others, and the unhappiness to do so.

We are all free to free ourselves from this necessity to hurt. And free all of us from the illusion of this continuous sightless desire to prove ourselves to others of our superiority. Living within the destitute unreal fear of “not having” or “not being”.

Ostentation for riches is also killing our nature, as most human beings don’t realize. The constant seeking of possessing things, excessive living and consuming in its desire for ostentation is the human arrogance and lack of balance, which has been displacing our wildlife of their homes, killing our forests, wasting so much energy and resources. As overly resuming into our nature as affective as it is destructive.

Ostentation is the destruction of oneness and all abundance created for us, within the outmost love from the creator.

Let's seek justice in the world by seeking this justice within. We are mirrors of our society.

Find peace with your heart by being free of this transient neediness that constantly arrests our mind and makes us indifferent. Realizing the real love in our lives besides all that is temporary.

Seek truth within, and within equality and sovereignty. So you can live free, and in absolute abundance and be above these illusory desires that makes us all so unhappy.

Connect to The Absolute, and its Creative Light within our spirit, the father/mother Source which loves you. And it will indeed break away all your darkest desires.

And finally believe in the higher plan of evolution. Where we restore peace and equilibrium on earth and connect to each other to a better version of us, and to a new and positive creation of our world.

Peace, Love and Happiness to all.

- Isa | LUMIAR Activators of Light