Resemblance is balance.

To become one with cosmic order.

So as to understand how everything works in co-existence.

To redefine your attitude towards all beings.

And so, resemble the power of love creation.

Resemblance is your inauguration of truth, without any judgment.

And without any sense of validity from anyone.

Not even from God itself.

For God is everything not of validity.

But the emanation of all, in co-existence of truth.

Resemblance is in forgiving others, as one cosmic order.

And giving true love to the ones who don’t know better.

For the ones who don’t care and don’t love, will meet rejection.

And face danger and corruption of their souls.

Resemblance is understanding that all corrupted souls need love awareness,

and discovering through this resonance endlessly freedom and happiness.

And so for souls who don’t forgive the corrupted, corrupt oneself on to themselves.

And multiply the torment of all existence.

Resemblance is constant creation within balance.

Within our trust in balance.

As one trusts, it loves and forgives.

And emancipates the heart into solitude.

Of what God is, of what all is within.

Without the exasperation of fear.

Or the need of Love.

Resemblance is oneness being aware of its own existence.

For we are oneness, and the higher order is existence.

For we are resemblance.

And truth with emancipation of awareness.

With love,

Oneness through Isa | Lumiar