Fear of Not Being of Having Abundance

By blocking the source of all divine awareness, we forget who we are.

And forget that without the support of this source, we lose ourselves within the infidelity of divine order. And as a consequence, we resonate inside our karmic conditioning. Fed by ignorance, the illusion of fear, and react with the approach of always feeding a sense of lacking, a sense of not “having” or “being”.

We forget that we all have access to the abundance of that which is reserved for us. Spending lost time in our lives thinking about how we can attain access. Forgetting that without truth, or divine connection, we are devoid from this process and this higher message.

We are what we cultivate and perpetuate; and yet we only have access to the immensity of life when we elaborate and embrace the presence of the authentic power of truth within us.

Within this trust, we find a natural guidance towards unification, and towards light. So, we will be loyal, resilient and lead through complicity by the higher order of trust with love awareness, and compassion through its resonance. And will all become one of true abundance, tranquility and joy, with liberty and gratification.

To give is to receive, in the sense of universal resonance. The higher support is always equality. Enriching the being that helps others, and connects us all to who we truly are.

We have divine support to receive everything that we need, with peace and abundance. Encountering truth as One, as God, as One.

We build our own karma. Cultivate love and you will receive Oneness.

Oneness through Isa Lumiar | New Order of the Sun