A New Year. A New Resolution

Today is the day when we find ourselves reflecting, when we see ourselves being reborn to a new year of perspectives and encounters to promote improvement and experiences.

In this way we hope to enter this search for our ascended nature. For peace and happiness that are necessary for a new beginning in which will bring out the positive to outcome the negative of this lifetime.

And yet, a lot of what we search still gives to the illusory reality. And in this way, we miss the opportunity to climb the humane altar of equality and regenerating faith.

We can bring so much happiness to our planet and our lives, all we need is to encompass the search for our divine nature which ordain us to account ourselves for all that is needed to search for the truth.

That is our honest appeal and for that we need to remain positive, raising vibration and awareness for a better future. Our life is in our encounters, and if we follow the light within we will rediscover the true honest generation of love and kindness that will enable you to ascend and bring awareness to our dear ones.

Our power is to be reborn to awareness and to create according to the sounds of eternity and our search for our light and the rejuvenation of humanity, and in this way we can enter with humility and freedom the luminous patamar of one true reality.

Dear family, let's make this search your inspiration for the truth. No matter who you are and what you've done, there is always love and rescue for the ones who need.

We are in reality a much higher promise than we imagine and much bigger in awareness. Our sublime nature search for faith in which every human being represents himself as the main mechanism for liberation that ignites the true nature of ascension.

Love is awareness and recognition of power for the truth. Our search will be the resolution to a much more magnificent world where all perspectives return to our encounters of love and happiness, that's our purpose. For we are and will always be luminous beings, and with faith we rescue our inner light.

There is bless for all who search for their mission and will reach the heights with a lot of faith and compassion in their ascension. Let's lit our search and wish for a positive transition in the planet. To a new year of faith and altitude to all living beings.

By Oneness, through Isa.

Happy New Year!

Be Lumiar, the New Order of the Sun.