We Are Our Resonance

Be aware that destructive thoughts drain your energy and block you from awareness.

Generates lack of harmony within your system. Affects your health, attracting unhappiness, discontentment and most importantly bringing a destructive pattern to your true self. Just like a dark storm, it carries you and your world in its resonance.

Be aware of the sense of lacking still within. And the attitude you have towards this very feeling. When you resonate destructive and act according to the ego.

Be aware of the wave driving you blindly within all range of fears; validation, anger, revenge, jealousy, aggressiveness, arrogance, victimization and resentment and having you act unjustly. For when you sense lacking and uneasiness your steady self is overshadowed.

Observe your repetitive patterns. Which is the mental and emotional pattern in which you adopt when you face difficult situations. Be aware that not choosing to see with your heart you choose your shadow self, and let it express in it’s own destructiveness. When that happens, try remaining calm and remembering that wisdom to deal with such situations only arise when you are calm and compassionate to oneself, and not being driven by the storm.

Understand that the mind acts on impulse and normally lacks affection and honesty when dealing with self-imposed beliefs about ourselves in relation to the world around us. The conscious does not know nor understand the situation and the solution, and drags you in its own problematic views and reactions that leads you into more chaos and discontentment. While the higher mind knows the way and solution to all your conflicts.

That’s the difference between becoming aware of who we are, and knowing how to live and make decisions within the framework of our true resonance, through love, not fear.

Your unconscious and conscious decisions determine if you are resonating your heaven or hell, storm or serenity.

Become aware of your true presence. The sacred presence within and trusting in its evolution. The higher plan for you is the way to be aligned with your happiness and the freedom from the suffering world. Serenity comes with surrender to your higher self. Your true resonance of knowing who you are and ought to be in this lifetime.

Find God as your refugee. As this presence is every existing thing in this one verse that we are. Through him, we live and breathe, want, play, and care. Without any desire of validity, any sense of lacking.

If you fear doubt, try resonating truth with disregard for validation. Try listening to your intuition, ask questions, and the solution is already on it’s way.

Find your inner equilibrium. Your peaceful warrior, and you will find the true God presence in you. Trust, pray, play and meditate so you can return in becoming One resonance with All There Is.

There is only one barrier that blocks you from entering a state of awareness and equilibrium —and that is called Ego, which in truth, represents no faith. Seek and you shall find, and return to your equilibrium, towards Oneness.

Have a prosperous week with love and blessings.


- Isa | Lumiar