One Truth

Spirit is one teacher within all emanations coming from love.

As long as you are resonating within Oneness through love, you will be able to teach through spirit and learn through spirit, whatever is meant for you to achieve in this lifetime, without any requirements or preconceived beliefs.

We work through karmic dissolution of the ego, and that means is, there is no inequality in the spirit world. No need of lineages, no need of certifications to teach love and ascension, or the imposition to learn truth in profit making institutions. Love awareness is there for all who believe and trust.

Believe in the God within as your guide. Seek and you shall find.

And learn that through trusting and loving you will heal yourself and others, and pass on spiritual teachings from oneness towards all beings from generation to generation, free of limitations of the ego or impositions of fear of validation.

As you teach you also heal. Trust and you shall teach.

God desires freedom for all beings, and no constraint in spiritual awareness, only love and will. We are one present light in one resonating movement within all existing souls.

Love rituals that arise from caring and respect, without judgment. These are effective in raising love vibration, and the intention of love. They are one intonation that connects all beings, and teach all beings independently of having a religion or not. There is no religion in this world without love as truth in its fundamental creation. There is no religion better than the other when in them the seeker seeks love and truth.

Let the shaman within guide you towards ascension. Let the spirit within all beings show you the way, as you are One and All in this universe, and all who love enlighten you towards one’s path of oneness.

Isabela | Lumiar