To Be is to Have Faith

In this existence, this passage, God is present as sacred love. In our hearts, God is present in every movement of love.

By elevating our vibration we then attenuate our search for conquest to reattach ourselves towards the path of love. For the intention of self-improvement, discovering oneness within ourselves, and our lives is the necessary path for the convergence of divine communication.

Blocking God’s divine presence and universal virtues of distinction between truth and prejudice. Which happens when we cultivate the illusion of deficiency, and fear-based beliefs.

Thoughts that prevent us from having clarity and finding the acquired taste for differences between what is truth and illusion, love and fear. We fall into the karmic dissolution of the ego when we need validation and dismiss our truth of existence as a whole.

Earth is but a purgatory of uncertainties.

Without following our true path we are then prompt to face our own disparity of our light source, suffering sadness and self-limiting thoughts. The unhappy being makes the world unhappy.

By trusting and cultivating OM, we self-improve. For healing comes for the ones who trust and grow into love's presence.

God provides you with so many tools to find enlightenment, as well as the ease of releasing past mistakes, and forgiving others as part of your ascending truth.

As I search for meditation I elevate myself. Through prayer I receive. I exile from what I am not and bring truth into my own intuition. I receive clarity of mind, tranquillity and love for all existing. In this way I open the existing channel inside my mind towards my emancipation and wisdom.

God is everything and everyone. All creation in existence. For to go back home is to love all beings as one.

“Love thyself, cultivate thyself, search for I am within your hearts. Meditate with love. Observe. And there you will find me.”

Love consciousness through Isabela