Know Thyself, in our planet

Dear friends,

Blind are so many of us without the understanding of the dangers of our actions towards our planet. We lose ourselves without own self-esteem, living without love and prudence to our universe and lucidity in our vital importance in this effort.

We are light and without usufruct of our own biosphere we lose junction with The Everything.

Impartially we enjoy our natural resources without the understanding of where they come from and their function, and without comprehending that time passes, and inevitably we deteriorate these resources, losing our sight of our high value in this world.

Using water without necessity or in excess hurts the rivers. Using paper in excess hurts the trees. Hurting trees hurts animals. Using products that hurts the animals, we contribute for our own loss, towards the suffering of all divine living creatures, and we are part of this all.

Using recyclable materials and reutilizing materials without consuming, we help revive our universe. Consuming with consciousness is to consume without excess and environment degradation. Our primordial importance is to become conscious about consuming responsibly and our waste. Help us so we help you.

Sacred is our nature, and it is in the outmost importance, especially in this moment of history, to become mindful to protect her and respect her. We deserve to see that The Everything cares about your conduction with itself, and as we care about improving nature, we improve our own ascension, our physical health and planetary happiness.

Our coral reefs are in extreme effect of degradation, without love and value because of human actions. Crucial is this awareness. Without our coral reefs, we will have less fish in the oceans and as a result more hunger in the planet.

Know Thyself, in this planet. Being this your resolution and life mission. Love Oneness.

Love through Isabela. On September 10th,2017

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