To See the World as Buddha

Our Buddha is the potential of evolution within us all. The most important aspect of awareness is to understand that, all that happens to us, is for trying to bring us towards the source of perfection. Closer to our father the creator, The Everything of what we are, in purity of spirit.

For the more we distance ourselves from our true higher perfection; the more we lose time in living in fear, and as a consequence, suffering through the karmic dissolution of the ego.

Therefore we shall remember that only through faith we can attain the power to rescue the freedom, to run our lives within purpose. Faith is the absolute power of Buddha in your awakening. To not have this, is not to be. Power is to be aware. Illusion is all that we don’t understand about our innate Christ perfection, the higher Buddha.

To see the world as Buddha is to rescue ourselves from lacking our higher connection and life suffering. And to live inside our high sonority, with the rhythm of the Everything in it’s perfect creation; being happy, creative, with complicity, and content in bringing this beautiful vibration to all around us.

To live as Buddha is to progress inside the astral love, and create life in the basis of the divine master plan.

With love.

Love Consciousness through Mitcha on September 4th, 2017