Fear Detach Us from the Resonance and Living Through Love.

When we fear, we lose the redundant autonomy of our being, and when that happens we naturally cultivate, without being aware, negative energies in the karmic sphere where prejudice becomes relevant. Cultivating energies based on fear generates karmic pain, bringing even more illusions, negativity in our daily lives and harmful reactions to ourselves and everyone around us.

We are what we attract. Knowing this we can emanate more humility and create a better future for the universe and us.

Observe what you think. If your thoughts are generated based on fear and frustration, or based on love. Observe your reactions in this manner. Observe if your decisions follow the vibration of love or negative energies, based on your own conditioning through fear and insecurity.

Observing then, you will see that all these energies are temporary, which means, they don't in fact exist. And you will also see that a lot of pain in this planet is generated through this relative fear, because all of us commit prejudice based on our own fear and reaction base on the sense of lacking. Which makes you understand better the act of forgiving others.

Everything that exists is temporary. We choose our mindset, our own story about ourselves. All we cultivate determines what we are, and therefore what we attract. If we carry within us frustrations from the past, they will resonate in our future.

We are in constant creation, and in creating through faith and trust in the cosmic order, your higher self, you will be directed towards freedom. Have faith in this supreme love, your true inner guru; it is what we can call insight that always resonates love. It is what frees us all from the duality of existence.

Through this love, you can flow through life with easiness and without the impositions generated by past karmas, or the futility of mindless beliefs based on fear, sadness, lack of faith, and fragility of our being. Think well in your own predominance, so in this way you can grow as one, as the Christ seed that you are.

Search within yourself, and the Cosmic love and divine happiness, such as singing, dancing, enjoying nature, sports, helping other beings part of you in this planet, being thankful for happy moments with friends. It is worth to say that by cultivating this in your life, you will always stay connected.

We create fear. We are what we create.


Mischa through Lumiar