The Day of a Master. A Day to Remember

Today is a celebrated day for all here on earth, being blessed through our dear and blessed master Jesus.

Christ, being Jesus, was and had decided to allow himself to rediscover his true divine flame and open the doors of the universe to the immensity of his soul, bringing in this way superior peace and freedom to all people during his time on earth. He brought us the knowledge of karma and love without judgment, of peace and sobriety in the search of ascension, and the absolute respect for the divine nature of all souls, being therefore the respect to all people and to our mother nature.

We are one, Jesus said. We have to remember where we come from to rescue world peace.

He had to rescue himself in this cosmic sacrifice of resurrection, and in the resolution of all knowledge of his own divinity. His meaning in the universe was his own love and serenity towards all living creatures, and believing in the improvement of all beings, so in this way we would all believe in this noble luminous divinity that we already are, and find peace and retrospective ascension of all beings existing in this planet.

We are all God incarnated. We live and breathe through oneness. There is no division within the cosmic neither individuality, since we are all flames of one light and existing force, one cosmic movement, one big bang. We must, therefore bring this light forward and respect our true Christ nature existing in all beings of this planet, even the irrational ones, who need the most love so they can perpetuate and trust on love themselves.

In this way I reencounter truth, one more search of love, peace and luminous authority. We have protection and guideness from within our spirit and through awareness it brings this noble knowledge in the altar of planetary ascension. As Jesus was our words, our ascension, our promise of a happier and more prosperous universe.

This day is a beautiful reminder of all souls to bless all beings and bring happiness and rescue of faith in the world.


With love.