Ascension is Truth, and Truth is Faith

Obstructions are all the obstacles that allow individuals to lose faith and dismiss their own true connection. In this sense obstructions deserve an act of compassion by allowing trust, so we can encounter truth and regeneration.

In the moment we are absent of love and humility we many times think we deserve more fortunate moments, however we lose our karmic sense of luminous hearing, which deserves to be appreciated so we can proceed to our true path.

Our absence transgresses in the sense of causes and repercussions. In the way of hearing our spirit, and the allowance required, in the peaceful and happy approach to life and compassion to all living beings on the way of progress. Our purpose is our search for equality and divinity, and if we lose our purpose we lose the union to contribute to the totality of all that exists.

The search for strength is the search for faith, and the positive repercussions that comes on our way. The practice of faith is the luminous practice of search, honoring of our divine nature, and the progression of our unity. The regency is our supreme consciousness that are inserted within our higher minds, where we encounter the true honest living required to transform our lives and our world.

Everything that exists is created in this way, and the creator is your purpose, since faith is the support in the absence of the egoistical self.

Only through this force oneness follow with faith and altitude, and we can bring the progressive peace on the way and to all active wisdom. This absence of the relentless self is only provided from the high mind in which all deserve. If you search for their true light and regency, and the divine purpose of love and compassion.

Peace is a merit and the purpose necessary for illumination. Search for inner Peace and the superior crystalline wisdom, in which will detach you from the egoistic manners of conduct, and hypocrisy related to the world we live in. The dark matter is what destroy our deserving world, and ourselves and causes us to lose progression. Without faith we don’t exist.

Our faith is our anticipation of the luminous guideness, our inner peace is our compassion towards everything and everyone, and our union with God allows all to exist. It is our calling and our progression and everyone deserves.

We shall follow our gold union and raise ourselves to heaven waters, to the luminous reality, where all beings will be free, honest and positive in their path.

I come here bringing this support to all people, my calling is divinity, and my faith is your answer, and my support your description. Let’s all remember that Christ, who humbly brought this awareness to this planet deserves the support of all beings of this planet. The Christ in me brings this very news, so we can all raise ourselves from dirt and liberate ourselves from our deeds.

Our planet needs to ascend, and as we do we do it together. Togetherness and faith is the key of survival. Supporting us, and each other on this mission and our truth will allow us to liberate.

Transcripted through Mitcha on January 27th, 2017