Beyond Resistance. Justice in It's Encounters.

Justice is when we encounter vibration of love, and truth.

For truth is beyond resistance. When we resist we embrace our honest appeal of dichotomy and we live in the samsara of delusion.

We are free when we are at the altar of oneness. One love, one kindness, one judgment.

So we free our lives from futilities that cause us to suffer when we live the eloquent live we deserve, for one truth knows what we need in order to embrace our cause of dichotomy, and injustice.

The order comes when we find justice beyond our words and actions and it's conditioned patterns of resistance, we can live beyond fear, and that's our true expression.

Let's vibrate truth and love and we'll live beyond expectations, so that justice will ratify your karma.

Be willing to forgive your karma, so it will transform your own deeds into wisdom. And the willingness to forgive is the love we all need, and the love we all need is my love.

Living the truth and bringing good vibes that's what we aspire. So be truth and be willing to raise vibes of non-resistance and non-resilience. That's the light karma and that's the ratification we all honestly are.

Be truth and wise and wise and truth, for truth is wise and beyond fears.

Once we search for our true light, we will reconnect.

Transcripted through Mitcha on November 8th, 2016