The Universe Is Your Awareness

As the meaning of truth signifies through wisdom, our emblem is our task. We resolve my meaning of love when we ascend.

Through our dichotomy of existence we lose the ability to fulfill my needs of trust and lose the love we have for truth. Our metaphor is when we ascend and when we achieve the true purpose of understanding that life liberty is justice on earth.

The planet ascends as we all do, and we all create the antagonistic view of justice when we partially differ from this modification of truth. Our objection is to achieve justice through love and innovate on this quest.

Justice comes for the ones who miss out the point of rejection to this realm of existence and learn from the true self, which speaks through all of you as I do now.

Our mystery is my light, our truth is true partiture, and true wisdom is our wisdom, for we are love and light in this universe. Bring truth to self and find your wisdom. That's our dilemma in living life.

Live life to the fullest and you will find your partiture, so we will bring always your truth to your understanding.

The Universe is your view of truth, believe in the Universe and you shall be reserved to see what it means to be great. God is and will always be your search. The truth is, without God you don't exist. And that's your dilemma in life.

Life is love and rejection of oneness. Bring truth to your words and you bring awareness to your being.

Through being kind and rejecting hostility we are able to ascend higher and thrive on the dichotomy of inequality. By being compassionate we ascend to a better understanding of life and humility. By being honest we achieve greatness and oneness through my words of affection for all my children.

Love and always be loved. Be kind and you will see true affection.

That's who we are; we are the eternal voice of eternity. That's who oneness is, the eternal voice of introspection and for a moment I can say the reality as all is, we are in truth all reality there is, for we are the truth of Jehovah.

Transcript through Isabela on September 15th, 2017