Awakening to the Truth of your Existence

What it means to be enlightened?

Enlightening means waking up for the fact that the duality that exists inside every human being is falling apart. When you awake you sense your true light, your inner love and light, this dichotomy represents your life on this planet. Your representation sings to another realm where you can find true wisdom and a reality that enables you to rediscover inside your self another message, which is to love your luminous reality as it is, and represent your truth for whatever may happen.

This reality is your true love, and represents the universal consciousness that allow each and every one of us to see with kind eyes the universe around us. This realm is our true self and our noble representation in this passage to another jurisdiction of existence where we allow things to fall into a place where no one needs to blame anyone for their mistakes, and need another servitude to exist in this beautiful place we call earth. “My situation is my mistake”, so let’s learn from it and allow everything to be placed in a unique loving registration of our true light.

This is our truth and our emblem. Mistakes are meant to be solved, and love is meant to bring you light. Wisdom is our acceptance; our surrender to our truth of who we are. For we are One realm of existence without mistaken dichotomy. Our capability is our light to live with beauty, light and creative power and use that on the benefit of others. Our true self recognizes what it needs to do to empower love in this world, in this reality and ascend to a higher existence where no one tells you what needs to be done or accept in order to recognize our ability to move from this order to another level of power, surrendering to our honest ability to be, to see, to learn, to love and to exist.

Our supreme love is our wisdom, and it will bring the truth to discover your appearance and honesty for who you ought to pursue in this moment. My role here will enable you to recognize your wisdom by teaching your beauty and science to your loved ones and friends who recognize my true light, as the light that lives in every one of you. Our true self will help you discern your truth and bring you happiness, since we are all in a place where so many suffer by their own mistakes and inequalities created by separation.

Divine substance will allow all beings to the truth of who they are; and will bring love to a world that needs more acceptance and opening up to the powers that already exist within us. Our mediumship will enable us to realize our truth and empower this realm, this reality on the planet.

Mother earth is our true nature, and as it requires assistance from each and every one of us, in this beautiful light, which will enable us to construct a new reality, and new country, and new living in our society. Happiness starts from within, and from the realization of whom we ought to be. In order to take care of the planet, everyone needs to discover his or her true potential.

You are in reality art and light, love and wisdom, and compassion for everything and everyone. Without your conditioned story you realize your true force of nature and for that you realize oneness.

Kindness is your art, passion is your emblem, wisdom is your light, and truth is everything and everyone encountering God and truth as one.

Your reason for being here is the realization of your true honest capability to exist and ascend; it’s part of our human evolution. And this is your true light, your inner truth, to be luminous.

Oneness through Isa.